Work Experience

October 2015 - Present

Digital Marketing Assistant, Intern

Main activities and responsibilities:

  • Analyze backlinks using different tools (ex.;
  • Remove incorrect, old and other sorts of faulty backlinks from donor websites;
  • Install company's products (such as widgets, buttons, etc.) on partner sites;
  • Look for new donor sites and offer them company's affiliate program.
  • Prepare and send company's offers via Mailchimp;

For references:
Alexander Utkin | +7 (926) 691-14-14


  • Konstantin Sud
  • Своя Ферма
  • Day of Contemporary Art
  • Стратегия Будущего
  • FLEI Cafe
  • Kubrick Academic Photo School
  • Max Master

Technical Skills

Advanced, 2 years

SEO Optimization

Create a semantic kernel or make a SEO content isn't a big deal for me. I have a huge experience in Search Engine Optimization thanks to my first internship in Russia's leading ticket agency

Advanced, 2 years

CMS WordPress

I'm currently managing 7 sites each one made with WordPress (check the Portfolio section). I also have experience working with different WordPress templates, such as 'Avada' and 'Bridge'.

Advanced, 3 years


I have strong knowledge of both HTML and CSS.
Recently started working with jQuery and JavaScript.

Beginner, 1 year


I had an amazing SMM experience at University. I created and published different types of content for University on its official pages on Facebook, VK and Instagram.



The Institute of Humanities and Information Technologies

Moscow, Russian Federation. Digital Marketing and Management - 3.7 GPA

Currently studying on the 3rd year. My University allows me to get practical experience during the studies, so I have already managed multiple real-life Web-based projects. I have already successfully passed the HTML, CSS, CMS and basic Digital Marketing exams. At the moment my main subject is Project Management.

Key Skills


Russian Native
English Advanced
Spanish Intermediate

Computer skills

  • Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint;
  • Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, Illustrator;
  • Easily get used to any kind of software.

Personal skills and competences

I have strong analytical, decision making, team-working and presentation skills. I also have showcased my ability to process large amount of information along with self-motivation, result-orientedness, creativity and reliance in the undertaken work.

Additional Information

  • Expert in video production and photography;
  • Ready for relocation.